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RADWIN 5000 HPMP is a high capacity OFDM /MIMO Point-to-Multipoint solution. Delivering 200Mbps per sector this offering opens up new service opportunities for carriers and ISPs targeting last mile enterprise connectivity. RADWIN 5000 HPMP also offers an enticing wireless connectivity solution for government and enterprise networks looking to deploy high resolution video surveillance, broadband Inter-office connectivity and other mission critical applications. 

Targeting a large market with growing demands for greater capacity, RADWIN 5000 HPMP provides highest Base Station capacity for the best user experience, greater spectrum efficiency for faster ROI (5bps/Hz), superb performance in harsh conditions in licensed and unlicensed sub 6GHz bands and small form factor MIMO Subscriber units. 

RADWIN 5000 HPMP uniquely secures available bandwidth per end-user for guaranteed SLA by preventing Subscriber Units with inferior transmission performance, from negatively impacting the capacity of other Subscriber Units. RADWIN 5000 HPMP radios also support multiband capabilities with an extensive frequency range, all in the same unit for flexible radio planning.

RADWIN 5000 HPMP Highlights:

- Up to 200Mbps per Base Station sector

- Unique mechanism guaranteeing SLA per subscriber

- Variety of Subscriber Units - 50, 20, 10Mbps

- Small Form Factor MIMO Subscriber Unit

- OFDM MIMO 2x2 / Diversity enables nLOS deployment

- Low latency

- Long range - 40 km

- Supporting Multiband 4.9 to 6GHz in the same unit

- Coexists with RADWIN's Point-to-Point solutions

HBS - High Capacity Base station

HBS is a high capacity OFDM / MIMO 2x2 outdoor Base station radio unit that covers a single sector in MIMO mode or dual sectors in diversity mode. The unit is light and compact and includes connectors for an external antenna.

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